Conventional Loans

We offer to finance most types of commercial real estate loans. Our loan programs are for traditional bank-type borrowers and non-bankable loan requests.

Owner User

We provide loans for purchase or refinancing. These are loans where you will use the property to operate your business.

Investment Properties

We offer loans for investment properties purchase or refinancing. These are loans for properties that will generate income or are held for future interest.

Imix Mortgage Co., Inc.

Loan Programs For

Acquisition & Development

For purchasing and building a property.

Refinancing of Existing Loan

If it is due and payable or to get better interest rates.


Government-sponsored loan with as little as a 10% down payment on a purchase. You must occupy over 51% of the property.

Portfolio Bank Loans

These are the niche programs where exceptions are made with standard interest rates.


Loans to obtain funds to consolidate debt, working capital, equipment purchases, etc.

Construction Take Out

Loans to pay off a construction loan with a permanent conventional loan.

Loans for Renovation/Rehabilitation

These are the loans for the renovation of your business property and many more.

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Helping You With Our Non-Conventional Financing Solutions

These loans are an alternative when your traditional lender or banker has denied your request.

For Owner User or Investment Properties

The core requirements for most loans are:

  • Traditional or alternate forms of introducing an ability to make payments on loan requested
  • Adequate Collateral
  • If negative credit, reasonable explanations, and a consensus of non-continuance of ill credit

We offer you options with allowances such as:

  • Alternative ways to prove your income
  • From perfect to deficient and or bad credit
  • Higher loan amounts on the value of your properties
  • Opportunities to use additional collateral
  • Considerations of unique and single-purpose properties
  • Practically any type of real estate
  • Loan amounts from $50,000 to over $20,000,000
  • And many other options
Imix Mortgage Co., Inc.

Our Loan Programs

Our loan programs are for:

  • Acquisition and development
  • Portfolio bank loans
  • Bridge financing
  • The debtor in possession/bankruptcy
  • Foreclosure bailout
  • Hard money
  • Cash-out
  • Condo conversion
  • Multifamily/apartments
  • Construction take out
  • Land
  • Renovation/rehabilitation
  • Sale-leaseback
  • And Many More

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Sell ALL or a PORTION of your Note

  • We can provide you a lump sum offer for your entire Note
  • Or a portion of the payments - Where you maintain ownership interest in the note and retain control of the remaining payments.

Cashing out on your Notes can offer immediate liquidity to be used for anything you wish, such as, re-investing, debt reduction, emergencies, etc. It can also offer you the freedom from:

  • Collecting the payments from your borrower
  • Default, bankruptcy and foreclosure of the borrower
  • Seizure of property for unpaid taxes and liens
  • insurance lapses resulting in loss of property
  • Tax reporting
  • Tracking of principal and interest

We consider notes with Good and Poor credit payment histories as well as, hard-to-place notes such as;

Imix Mortgage Co., Inc.
  • Multifamily Housing
  • Vacation/Second Homes
  • Small and Large Commercial
  • Raw Land
  • Improved -Lots
  • Industrial Property
  • Farm Land
  • Churches
  • Taverns
  • Service Stations
  • Gas Stations
  • Mobile Homes
  • Residential
  • Second Position Liens
  • Partial Assignments
  • Corporation as payer and many more…