Any property that is not your primary residence and is used to operate your business or as income-producing real estate

Yes - With the exception of a couple of states - we are able to finance nationwide - call to confirm

Yes- We have programs for applicants or owners of corporations that do not have a permanent residence status

Yes. We offer loan programs for individuals or principals of corporations with bad credit

Yes. We offer programs that do not require a personal guarantor where the loan can be done under the corporation.

We can offer you one loan for multiple properties - properties do not need to be next to each other, and there is no limit to the number of properties

Loans are available to bail properties from foreclosure provided requirements are met - call to discuss

Loan programs to discharge or dismiss a bankruptcy are available subject to underwriting compliance and court approval.


- Commercial loans are not like residential wherein guidelines are set by a secondary market and rates are essentially similar across lenders.

On commercial loans - rates are different depending on the loan, property, and borrower type - With that said - if you meet guidelines and collateral is adequate, we can offer you current market rates